Scarecrow Trail 2017

Get your thinking caps on, it's that time again! Have a look through the photos and see if you get get inspired to create a winner!

Congratulations to the Boyd family for their winning scarecrow 2016 ‘Gulliver’.

Congratulations also to the Marks Family for their ‘Strawbob Scarepants’ which won the Children’s Choice prize and Peter Bird who won the Most Unusual Scarecrow with ‘Galacticrow’.

We have raised almost £2000 this year and managed to pick the driest weekend in what was a very wet June. Half will go directly to the Village Hall to help maintain and improve this vital Village resource. The other half is being donated on your behalf to Cancer Research UK, a charity supported by the late Vera Shaw who was a great supporter of our village. Thank you for helping to raise this impressive sum for a very worthy cause.


For further information email us: or telephone 01332 704028. You can also join our group on Facebook.